LLC "Serpukhovskaya Bumaga"

LLC "Serpukhovskaya Bumaga" is a manufacturing company that sells cardboard, paper products, insulating paper and technical application papers. Production sites are located: Serpukhov, Moscow region.

Company is a part of a holding investment group “Bazalt”, one of the leading in wood-chemical enterprises of Russian Federation.

We increase our production capacities, up to date our equipment, take care about quality of our products, testing and controlling each lot of products and searching for new niches. We are constantly aiming to develop our production process, improve energy efficiency, reducing harmful influence on the environment, keeping reached level of product quality and its further improvement. We have steady position on Russian market and neighboring countries, continuing our integration into the world market.

We always try to meet the modern requirements of the industry, traditionally keeping high quality of our assortment. We managed to create an image of modern production keeping old traditions that passed through the several generations. We always open for new goals and do the best to respond requirements of our Customers.

Production capacity

  • 2 cardboard machines of sheet electrical insulating cardboard;
  • 2 paper-making machine of thin electrotechnical papers;

All products certified, accompanied quality certificates.

Each lot passed through the full control of all main technical characteristics.


142201, Moscow region,
Proletarskaya st. 134
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+7 495 799-69-44

Working time

from 8:00 to 17:00