Electrical insulation papers

LLC "Serpukhovskaya Bumaga" offers electrical insulation paper of wide assortment. Paper produced from 100% of sulfate unbleached pulp. Papers provide high insulation parameters, but in electrical engineering is applied only the following kinds of paper: cable (thickness 0,08 —0,17 mm), transformer (0,120 mm), capacitor (7 —30 µm), impregnation (0,12 mm), winding (0,05—0,07 mm).

Specified paper grades apply for insulation of winding cables and cables of different types, production capacitors, pasting sheets of electrical steel and also for production of macalintal and different layered plastic materials (sheet and shaped getinax, bakelite tubes, etc.).

Cable insulation paper
GOST 23436-83


Electrical insulating winding paper
GOST 1931-80


Electrical insulating absorbent paper
GOST 3441-88


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